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My husband and I are big sci-fi fans.  We found Doctor Who last year, and have enjoyed catching up on the series.  This month my husband is turning 30, and for his birthday he wants a Tardis cake.  I thought it would be fun to have invitations like they had in the most recent season premiere – not that anyone else will know what it is, but he will appreciate it. 

In the show the invitations are covered with several stamps on the outside, and a number stamped in silver on the back.  The inside simply has a date, time, and gps coordinates.  Since blue is my favorite color I actually had the right color envelopes and paper on hand.

I did a google image search for things that I thought would be neat stamps – since the episode with the invitation was aliens and astronauts when Nixon was president I used that theme.  This is where I got my images in case you want to use them:  aliens and space menmoon landingnixon, and sonic screwdriver.  I just resized the images and printed them on sticker paper.  Since I wanted them to look like real stamps, I left the stamp edges and used photoshop to add a dark blue border so I could just trim the edges straight.  Unless you look really closely they look like stamps.

I used my number stamp and silver ink to put a “30” on the back of each envelope.

And I used word to put the date, time, and gps coordinates just like the tv show.  Since no one will have any idea what this is, I used a folder sheet of stationary so this is the outside of the card.

The inside has a picture of the tardis, and the date and time again.  I didn’t put the address since everyone knows where we live.  I mailed them this afternoon without any problems – my local postmaster said adding stickers that look like stamps is fine, as long as there is a real stamp in the corner it will be delivered.

Check out the tardis cake and fish fingers with custard that I made for the party here.



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  1. […] bought soda in glass bottles, to go with the 50′s diner theme of the episode with the invitations we used.  I also did a google image search and printed a few 8.5″x11″ posters that I […]

  2. VERY COOL. I may be stealing this idea for my daughter’s 7th!! Thanks!

  3. I literally came upon this while researching for my 30th birthday party! I wasn’t sure what number to put on the envelopes, but I am so stealing “30” for them all! Even weirder, mine will be almost exactly a year after yours…

  4. This is so great! This is just what I need for my friend’s 16 birthday! Thanks! 😀

  5. Sweet. I’m looking at doing something similar just for fun. I wanted to verify with you that all of the cards did arrive as they were suppose to.

    • All of the cards arrived fine. I sent them from one of the smaller post offices, where they hand stamp the mail to cancel the postage, and then it goes to the larger post office with the processing center to be shipped to the appropriate address. When I talked to the postmaster before I added all the extra stamps they said I could put stickers all over if I wanted, as long as the addresses and real stamp were there it would be delivered. I have mailed see through postcards, and I know people who have mailed water bottles and wine glasses – the post office delivers all kinds of odd things as long as you pay the postage 🙂

      • Thank you!

  6. where did you get your blue envelopes?

    • I think office depot? My Mom bought them like 9 years ago on clearance, so I doubt you could find the same brand… if you can’t find any at a craft store, and you don’t need a ton there are lots of free templates to make your own envelopes, and you can get blue 12×12 scrapbook paper at most craft stores. Or paper places sell all kinds of colored envelopes. 🙂

  7. Would you be willing to upload the templates of the stamps if you still have them? I want to use this idea for my wedding invitations 🙂 I know only a few people will get it, but it will make my fiance and I so giddily happy.

    • Sorry, the images I used weren’t all in the public domain, or I would have shared them. If you do an image search for vintage astronaut stamps a lot of neat things come up. 🙂

  8. […] re-created these envelopes, but it proved rather useful to have a bit of advice! Particularly from this blog, where it is suggested that to get the “stamp effect” without all the faff of cutting […]

  9. I really want to make the invites but your link isn’t working. Help please?

    • Thank you for letting me know! My domain expired, and I thought I had updated all of my posts to reflect that, but had missed this one. The whole post should be here now. 🙂

  10. […] Random Creativity […]

  11. Can I ask what sizes you used for the paper, card and envelopes please? I’m designing wedding invitations 🙂

    • I’m sorry, it has been long enough that I don’t remember what size they were. You can really use any size. 🙂

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