Taking in a baggy shirt

February 17, 2011 at 6:10 am | Posted in crafts, totally random | Leave a comment

This week I discovered just how easy it is to take in a baggy shirt, and what a huge difference it makes.  Same fat person in both photos, taken on the same day in the same clothes, but what a difference taking in those few baggy inches of empty fabric makes!  Update: I have been using this method for 4 years now, taking in too big clothes, or buying large mens shirts because I liked the graphics and turning them into a fitted ladies shirt.  It is so quick, and holds up well.  I still have this shirt 4 years later, and it has held up to washing and wearing very well.

You will need one shirt in cute fabric that is too big, and one shirt that fits well.   Knits are easier to alter since they stretch to allow room for the bust, but it isn’t much harder to alter a shirt made of woven fabric.

To start with, turn both shirts inside outwards.  Lay your baggy shirt on a flat surface.  Lay the shirt that fits over it, carefully centering it and lining up the collars and arm seams.

Use a fabric pen (or ink pen if you don’t care about marks inside your shirt) and trace the shirt that fits onto the baggy shirt.  Continue your line from the bottom of one sleeve down to the hem of the shirt.  If you are using a knit as your pattern for a non-knit baggy shirt you will need to add a little extra up top.  My bust is small, so an extra inch and a half was plenty.

Sew along the lines that you drew (very hard to see in the photo, very easy to see in real life.)  Don’t trim the excess fabric yet.  Try the shirt on to make sure that it actually fits like you want it to.  It’s no big deal to rip out a single seam if you need to add or take away a little more.  Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim away the extra fabric using pinking shears.

Incredibly easy and really quick way to continue wearing clothes that are too big.  Wonderful for when you buy a cute shirt two sizes too big off the clearance rack because it was on the wrong hanger and you didn’t bother to check the actual tag inside the shirt, let alone try it on.  Or after you’ve lost 10 lbs, but don’t want to buy new clothes until you reach your final weight goal.  In my case, I bought the shirt too big AND lost some weight – making it that much more baggy.


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