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My husband wanted to have a Doctor Who birthday party for his 30th birthday.  {Doctor Who is a BBC sci-fi tv show in case you didn’t know.}  Lots of people mention having Doctor Who parties, but I couldn’t really find many recipes or food suggestions.  I decided to make fish and chips, a classic British meal that really goes with the last two seasons of the show.  Even if you don’t watch Doctor Who it is a delicious meal – the fish and chips recipe is amazing!

  • Fish and Chips (with Yorkshire beer batter): classic British food, served with malt vinegar.  (Please excuse my photo – I wasn’t able to pose it and run outside to take a picture since everyone was over – it tastes a lot better than it looks here.)

  • Tardis cake (with homemade fondant): the Doctor’s time traveling vehicle, turned into birthday cake.  I printed the two signs, since I didn’t have any black food coloring (and I can’t pipe that well anyways.)  The fondant recipe is great – it looks so much better than if I had just frosted it with butter cream.  Homemade fondant is incredibly messy – I wanted to take pictures but didn’t want to dye my camera lens blue.  The cake recipe is more dense than you might expect a white cake to be, and not as sweet as a boxed mix – perfect for shaping and then covering with super sweet fondant.
  • Coleslaw: just seemed like a good side item.  You are supposed to serve mushy peas with fish and chips, but my family wouldn’t have tried them, and I know everyone likes my slaw.  My recipe is basically a head of cabbage, a carrot, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 tbsp celery seed, dash of vinegar, 1/4 cup oil, and 1 cup yogurt.  (I can’t eat mayo and find that yogurt with a little oil is a great substitute.)

  • honey mustard custard sauce: to turn the fish and chip into “fish fingers and custard,” a popular theme in this season of Doctor Who.  I couldn’t find a savory custard recipe, so I made my own.  I didn’t think that anyone but my husband would eat the custard, but it turned out to be a great, creamy dipping sauce that even my picky brother in law ate.  (And the one decent photo I got just happened to be of my son stuffing his face with fish and custard.)
  • Sonic Screwdriver: the Doctor’s favorite tool.  Vodka and OJ is a screwdriver, so Sprite with OJ is a family friendly sonic screwdriver.  {Pineapple juice would have been great in it too.}

I bought soda in glass bottles, to go with the 50’s diner theme of the episode with the invitations we used.  I also did a google image search and printed a few 8.5″x11″ posters that I taped over the pictures I already had hanging on the walls, for lazy decorations.  (If you are going to have silly fun, you might as well have fun, right?)  I found some free Doctor Who music play lists on myspace, and had that playing in the background for a little while.

It was messy frying the fish and chips (I hate frying at home, and seldom do it) but it was worth it for this recipe – judging by the stack of empty plates in my sink everyone enjoyed it.



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  2. I’d forgotten about fish fingers and custard. This is definitely going on the menu for DD’s birthday party, but I’ll make lemon butter sauce or hollandaise sauce. You had some neat ideas here.

  3. Where did you find the TARDIS signs to print?

    • I think I just found a picture and used MS Word to crop out the part I wanted 🙂

  4. […] piece on your 50th Anniversary Special viewing party, framed just above your Dalek Cookies, your TARDIS chocolate cake, and that specially prepared spread of fish fingers and […]

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