Luckett Farms CSA in Baton Rouge, LA

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This is a bit random, but I wanted to post a review of Luckett Farms, the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that we joined this summer.  Several of my friends participate, and had posted on Facebook how much they enjoy the produce so I decided to give it a try.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find any reviews or photos before I bought a share though, so took some photos and weighed the produce to satisfy my curiosity, and am posting it because I can’t be the only person who wants to know this information. 🙂  The photos aren’t the greatest, since I snapped them with my cell phone as I was processing the veggies, but bad photos are better than no photos 🙂  I have the first three boxes photographed, weighed, and price compared below, and will update it to add the remaining 5 boxes as the summer progresses. Week 1: Luckett Farms CSA box 1csa box 1 out My first box contained: Continue Reading Luckett Farms CSA in Baton Rouge, LA…


Tuna can burner

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I have always been fascinated with stories about survival.  I think part of it comes from many of the books I read growing up, where the heroes or heroines would find themselves in some unlikely situation where they had to survive in the wild.  Tom Corbet was stranded on Mars; The Swiss Family Robinson landed on a deserted island; The boy in Hatchet crashed in the wilderness; Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden, Meg, and The Boxcar Children all ran into situations constantly; and the Boy Scouts, Young Engineers, and Outdoor Chums series are about surviving as much as they are about the stories.  A lot of older craft books for young people also feature projects, like this tuna can burner, that are intended for camping, or keeping on hand for survival situations.  I think they are fun to make.   Continue Reading Tuna can burner…

Hot Air Balloon Festival

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Last Friday my father in law convinced us to get up very early to drive over to the first morning of the Pennington Hot Air Balloon Festival.  I have never seen hot air balloons up close before – it was really neat to see so many flying at once. Continue Reading Hot Air Balloon Festival…

Logo design

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My cousin and her husband opened a clinic this month, and they asked me to help design their logo.  I was thrilled that they asked – I love playing around in photoshop.  I have designed logos on several occasions since they are normally pretty straight forward, and nowadays you don’t have to be able to draw to make beautiful things on the computer.  I am obviously not a graphics artist, but there is enough free information {the internet knows everything} available that they don’t look bad.  And with my cricut and scal program I can make professional looking signs at my kitchen table.  Which is what I have been doing lately since my cousin needed fours signs, and someone else in their building has ordered one too.

Web design (with photoshop) is one of those high school elective classes that I took, but didn’t actually think I would ever use in real life.  13 years later I am still using that information (and I have yet to find a real world application for algebra) – crazy.

Pretty Keys

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I have had one of my keys painted for a while, since my two house keys look almost identical it makes it easy to tell which one is for the bottom lock.  I decided to put some of my blue nail polish to good use, and beautified the rest of my keys.  I used a thick layer of paint, and let it dry for 90 minutes before flipping to paint the other side.  Then I added a coat of quick drying clear polish to help it last even longer.  The one key that was already painted with inexpensive polish has held up pretty well for over 3 years, and I love being able to grab the right key for the right lock without having to think about it.  I have also used polish to change the color of other small things –  I basically view it as a durable, (relatively) quick drying enamel when used for crafting purposes.

Baby bibs and tardis cakes

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Its been a few weeks since I posted a good crafty project.  There’s a good reason:  I haven’t done any good, crafty projects worth sharing lately.  I have been quite busy cleaning house this past month.  I decided to move one thing, which resulted in major rearranging and deep cleaning.  But I invited family over for my husband’s birthday this weekend, which means I have to wrap all my deep cleaning projects up by then.  And bake a cake.  And have a 2-day yard sale.  And run a bunch of errands.  I think we will be taking this week off of school. Continue Reading Baby bibs and tardis cakes…

DIY: Refill Lysol no touch hands free soap

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In case you didn’t know, I am a couponer.  A few months ago I got a Lysol hands free soap dispenser for $2 -I love it because it helps little hands get the right portion of soap.  I was not going to pay $3-4 for a refill though, when I can buy regular soap for a lot less.  I figured that I could refill it, and was surprised that the cap wouldn’t come off.   I did a quick google search, and found that people either pried the caps off with screwdrivers, drilled holes in the top, or used large plastic syringes to refill.  This way is much quicker, simpler and less messy.

Continue Reading DIY: Refill Lysol no touch hands free soap…

DIY wedding stuff

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I have been busy the last two weeks making stuff for my sisters wedding.  I have been taking lots of pictures, and hope to have some projects up by the end of next week.  I made the ring pillow, vest and bowtie for the ring bearer, bowties for my husband and dad, added wide straps to a strapless gown, made a onesie dress, did vinyl decals for the back of the car, made hair flowers, and made die cut favor tags on my cricut.  Now I just have to make sure everything ends up making it to the car.

DIY Fancy Ring Bearer Pillow

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My little sister is getting married in 2 weeks!  My Mom has been crazy busy making things for the wedding (she is an amazingly talented, creative woman!)  To help out, I made the ring bearer pillow.  My sister didn’t really care what the pillow was like as long as it looked nice (practicality runs in our family.) She did like the idea of lace, so I raided my mother-in-laws craft stash for a lovely doily and some flat lace.  (Craftiness runs in my husband’s family too!)  I neglected to take a picture of the finished product, but this one is close. Continue Reading DIY Fancy Ring Bearer Pillow…

Ant Farm

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Last week J bought an ant farm using some of his birthday money.  I am amazed at how fascinating the little buggars are – I could sit there for an hour watching them tunnel through their gel.  Since the gel is see through you can actually watch their little pincers cutting through tiny piece by piece to dig each tunnel. Continue Reading Ant Farm…

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