Melted crayons southern summer style

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Melting old crayons isn’t anything new.  I picked up a set of clearance silicone ice cube trays just so we could melt crayons.  Being my weird self I decided to try and melt them in the sun, just because I could.  And wouldn’t you know, it worked.  My son absolutely LOVED doing this activity – it took him an hour to peel and arrange his crayon pieces in the ice cube tray (he was being very particular) and he spent at least an hour after they were finished, admiring them and eventually coloring. Continue Reading Melted crayons southern summer style…


My Paper Adventure

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A while ago I was looking for easy, small quiet activities for my son, and decided to make him a paper theater type of adventure.  Its not really a paper doll, its a paper action hero.  I love that he comes with radio operator, aviator, and astronaut outfits.  Plenty of stuff for hours of imaginative play.  He could easily be printed on magnet paper for play on the fridge, or printed onto transfer paper to be ironed on felt for a flannel board.  The boy is from a series published in 1925 and the artwork was done by Orpha Klinker – it is now in the public domain. Continue Reading My Paper Adventure…

Simple Valentines or Party Favors

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I am not a big fan of Valentines Day so I normally don’t craft for it.  However, I found myself needing 12 valentines yesterday… so I spent the morning looking for something I could make  without running to the store.  I don’t keep candy in the house, or I would have just printed something off and taped candy to it.

In the end I just cut a 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper into 3×4 pieces, cut a 1″ slit on the top and bottom, and stuck a pencil and some stickers on it – not bad for 10 minutes of my time and 0.15 for all the supplies.  It would have been cuter with decorative pencils, but I didn’t want to make a trip to the store, and even a boring yellow pencil lasts longer than a lollipop. Continue Reading Simple Valentines or Party Favors…

3D Fairy Tale Theater

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Its hard to imagine it, but there was a time, not really that long ago, when kids had to amuse themselves without the internet (late 1980’s,) game systems (1970s,) computers (1950s,) televisions (1920s,) or even radios (1915.)  One of the things that they did was make elaborate paper theaters and dioramas.  And since pretty much everything printed before 1921 is now in the public domain so you can find lots of really neat free printables online. Continue Reading 3D Fairy Tale Theater…

Random Fun: Oobleck

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Oobleck is an inexpensive way to have fun on a day that’s too old (or hot, or rainy) to go out.  Made of 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water, Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid.  That means that it is a fluid, but it can also be a solid.  If you grab a handful it will seem solid, but quickly turns fluid and pours out of your hand.  People even make large vats of it to run across – there are tons of videos on youtube.  I made a small bowl of oobleck and we spent 2 hours playing with it, because it is just that cool.  Wet clean up is easy, and any stray blobs that escape your initial clean up can be easily swept or vacuumed when dry.

Paper Doll Postcard

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I know I am way too old for this, but I still like paper dolls.  When the Graphics Fairy posted this one last week, I knew that my niece needed it.  I re-sized it to standard 4×6 postcard size, and touched up the doll’s face (she was kind of creepy looking in the original.)  If you click, you should be taken to the full size image.  It costs around 15 cents to print a photo, and 28 cents to mail a postcard – so for under 50 cents you have one very delighted little girl, who will hopefully be amused with the doll for a least a little while.

Because my niece is a little young to really play with paper dolls with removable clothing, I also made a version where the doll is dressed in all three outfits.  So share some cheap fun with a little girl that you know 🙂

Mr. Stick Person

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I would like for you to meet my new friend, Mr.  Stick Person.  Mr. Stick Person joined me for breakfast this morning.  He was such a good guest – he even carried his own dish to the sink.  (Read on to see the rest of Mr. Stick Person’s visit, and a free tutorial to make your own) Continue Reading Mr. Stick Person…

Fall / Autumn Themed Quiet Activities – Leaves

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Falling leaves coloring page –

Mini book –

Leaves coloring pages –

Leaf Maze –

Leaf template for sewing card –

For a leaf lacing card set: I cut some leaves from a cereal box using a similar template, punched holes around the page, and threw a lacing string in the bag.  To make your own lacing string, dab some glue (like Beacon’s Fabri-tac) on the end of a string, and roll into a point using your fingers.  The leaves can also be colored, and used as templates to trace onto plain paper.  Lots of potential use for the 5 minutes it takes to trace and cut them out.

Vintage Puzzle

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Can you get each seal into its matching cave without crossing another seals path, or leaving the box?  A puzzle from the book “You Are…” by Emery Gondor – [download a pdf of the full cleaned up puzzle page here]

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