Indian Banana Leaf Puppets

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This week we are learning about India in the home school co-op that I participate in.  Since I am teaching that class, I went to and wrote to someone in each country we will be “visiting” to see if we could exchange postcards.   As postcrossing is a postcard exchange site almost everyone I contacted was happy to exchange cards, and the member in India exchanged souvenirs as well as postcards.  One of the souvenirs was a set of banana leaf puppets.  I looked for information about banana leaf puppets online (I even used google translate to search in Hindi and Urdu) and was absolutely amazed that I couldn’t find anything.

Read the rest (and get the free printable) at – sorry for the inconvenience, but I have moved to my own domain 🙂


Bug jar invitations (see through postcard tutorial)

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This year J is old enough to really appreciate having a birthday party.   And since both of us look for any opportunity to pull out the craft supplies, we have been having fun making birthday party things.  Since J loves catching bugs, we went with a bug picnic theme, and I made a variation of my see through postcards for the invitation. Continue Reading Bug jar invitations (see through postcard tutorial)…

Airmail Stamps

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All of the international postcards that we have received (through postcrossing) have had airmail stickers.  I wasn’t sure what type of stamp I would need to send my letter airmail, but I talked with the lady at the post office yesterday and the 0.98 cent stamp covers airmail.  They have an ugly red “Airmail” stamp at the post office, so I wanted something a little cuter.  I looked for some public domain airmail images, and made myself this sheet of labels.  Here it is so that you too can have vintage airmail labels to adorn your mail with.  (Print it on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of sticker paper for super easy labels.)

[To download the .pdf file, right click here and select “save target as”]

DIY: simple postcards

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Send something much more personal than the generic postcards available at the store at a fraction of the cost: DIY post cards.  You can make them as personal as you want using your own photographs, or images in the public domain.  The graphics fairy and morgufile are two great places to get free images if you don’t want to use your own photography. Continue Reading DIY: simple postcards…

Post card eschange (postcrossing)

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Since I have been busy with projects for Christmas, I thought that I would share my postcrossing blogPostcrossing is a free website that initiates international postcard exchanges.  You put in your address, and sign up to send up to 5 postcards.  For each postcard that you send you are emailed the profile and address of a user in another country.  You send them a postcard, and after they receive it they register it on the site.   After it is registered, another user will receive your address and profile to send you a postcard.  We have had a lot of fun looking up the different countries on a world map, and learning a few things about them.

I asked for recipes in the suggestion area on my profile, and have received one for strawberry cake from Estonia, and one for draniki (potato pancakes) from Belarus.  I also really enjoy looking at the different stamps that come on the postcards.  I have been using some of my photographs to make postcards – you just print off a photo (I usually get them printed since my printer’s ink smudges if it gets wet) and glue it to a piece of card stock.  It cost 0.98 to mail a postcard or letter internationally from the US.  Its a great way to learn about geography too.

I will be taking a break from posting for the next week or so as I spend time with my family.   So have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See Through Postcard Fun

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I had paper dolls on my mind after I printed off the paper doll postcard for my niece a few weeks ago.  I decided to cut out some paper dolls, and run them through my laminator with some thin sequins and silk flowers for a see through postcard.  I laid everything out so that I had enough space to address the card on the back of the doll, and arranged everything to fit in the standard 4×6 postcard size.  I outlined the 4×6 rectangle with a sharpie since it was hard to see the edge of the postcard.  I mailed it to my sweet niece (with a standard postcard stamp,) and she loved it.  I have never seen anything like this before, so I thought that I would share.

Paper Doll Postcard

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I know I am way too old for this, but I still like paper dolls.  When the Graphics Fairy posted this one last week, I knew that my niece needed it.  I re-sized it to standard 4×6 postcard size, and touched up the doll’s face (she was kind of creepy looking in the original.)  If you click, you should be taken to the full size image.  It costs around 15 cents to print a photo, and 28 cents to mail a postcard – so for under 50 cents you have one very delighted little girl, who will hopefully be amused with the doll for a least a little while.

Because my niece is a little young to really play with paper dolls with removable clothing, I also made a version where the doll is dressed in all three outfits.  So share some cheap fun with a little girl that you know 🙂

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