Using Sure Cuts a Lot with Windows 8

August 1, 2012 at 6:13 am | Posted in crafts | 12 Comments

My husband is a geek, and constantly updates all our technology.  As frustrating as I find it to be constantly relearning things as they change, most things do actually work better once you get used to the new versions.  A month or so ago my husband upgraded our desktop to Windows 8, which I think is still in beta mode.  I found that my sure cuts a lot program wouldn’t work with my cricut, but it turned out to be pretty much the same problem we had with windows 7.

From what I can tell, the USB driver will install to a particular USB port.  My computer has 2 ports on the front and I never really paid close attention to which port I plug anything into.  However, the USB driver for SCAL2 gets confused if you plug the Cricut into a different port than the one you initially installed he driver on.  It will not recognize the Cricut machine, and will throw up a warning message to the effect of “Can not cut! Cricut machine not found. Please make sure it is plugged in, turned on, and connected to the computer.” Very frustrating.  But, my husband came to the rescue and showed me how to fix it.

So, in order to fix this, you will need to reinstall the driver.  First, open the Control Panel – you need to go to the search bar by clicking the magnifying glass that pops up on the right hand side of the screen when you hover over the bottom right corner.  Then start typing control in the search box and it will quickly find the control panel for you.

From there you will want to go to Device Settings.  Turn your Cricut on, and plug the USB cable in.  You will notice that the devices listed refresh, and there should be a new “USB Serial Converter” showing up in the list.  Uninstall this device, unplug and turn off your Cricut, and restart your computer.

Once your computer is back on, open up SCAL2.  Go to the “Help” menu, and select “Install USB Driver.”  After it does its thing, plug your Cricut in and turn it on.  A little pop-up should say “Installing Device,” so wait the 30 seconds for it to finish doing its thing before trying to use SCAL again.  After the device is successfully installed, it should work fine.  To prevent having to reinstall the driver again, take note of which USB port you are using, and have the driver installed on.  I have found that its fine to use the port for other things, as long as I don’t try to use the Cricut on another USB port. I wrote “Use top USB port” on a clear address label and stuck it inside the lid of my Cricut just so I won’t forget when I go to use it again in 3 months.

I wanted to update this post to note that Sure Cuts A Lot no longer supports cutting with the Cricut machines.  I sold my Cricut, and bought a Silhouette machine instead, since it is designed to cut whatever images you want without having to purchase a 2nd party program.  If you don’t already have a Cricut I wouldn’t recommend buying one – it was only worth it to me with the SCAL program.   As I no longer have a windows computer or Cricut machine I can’t offer any solutions for other versions of windows, but this fix worked well for me while I had that equipment.  🙂



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  1. Awesome…just awesome that you put this up! I am the geek husband and my wife might make the move to Windows 8. Now she can and I don’t have to possibly go back to Windows 7! I already fixed this in Windows 7 the same way. Thanks again!

  2. This may be really random, but I’m having trouble getting my cricut to cut, and you seem to be the only source of help that I can find, so I hope this isn’t too forward. I have windows 8, cricut E v 2.31 and have SCAL2 downloaded, installed, etc. My problems comes in when I try to cut. The cricut will start to cut, but then stop and freeze in the middle of a project? Do you have ANY ideas that could help me get this working again!? I’m dying without being able to use my cricut! LOL 🙂 Thanks for any advice you can find!!

    • I’m sorry, I have no idea how to fix it. When my cricut had troubles my husband figured out what to do. I think Craft Edge has a SCAL support forum on their website?

    • Did you ever figure out what was causing this? I am having the same trouble now.

      • Sorry I can’t help you. I quit using my cricut about 4 years ago when my windows computer crashed, since SCAL no longer supported cricut and I would need a new version to use on my Mac. This year I bought a silhouette, which I have found to be a lot easier to use, and no mat is required to cut vinyl 🙂

      • There was an update to the scal version I had- I emailed the people I ordered scal from and they sent the updates I needed. Works now for me juSt can’t update cricut

  3. Hello, have you used SCAL3 with windows 8.1? I can’t get it SCAL3 to work on my Mac so I thought I might try it on a PC. I am just trying to get an idea what to expect.

    • No, my husband upgraded us to all macs shortly after this, when the windows 8 computer crashed. There is supposed to be some way to use WINE (a windows emulator) to run it on a mac, but we weren’t able to get it running quickly, and haven’t really messed with it since. I don’t have a windows computer anymore so haven’t tried it on anything past windows 8.

  4. Wow, I was having the same problem with my cricut! I blindly followed your awesome directions, and it’s working again. Thank you so much for posting!

  5. Thank you and thank your hubby! The completely useless lump of machinery in my basement is now useful again. So glad I don’t have to get a new cutter!

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