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Its that time of year again, where as a homeschooling mom I go through everything we’ve done for school over the past year, and prepare for the coming year.  I designed a weekly planner page last year, but it didn’t work out as well as I’d like since we normally do a 4 day school week.  With this simple page, I can overview 2 weeks at once for record keeping purposes, and by printing on both sides of the page I only need one sheet of paper for four weeks.  For me, the simpler it is, the more likely I am to actually use it.

The “normal” school schedule is 35 five day weeks (which equals 180 days,) so those kids get 17 weeks of vacation time during the school year (maybe a week or two of that will be spread out in one day breaks.)  Since I do a four day week, I need to have 45 weeks of school, and 7 weeks of vacation.  I prefer to stay on a schedule, and never take off more than two weeks at a time, so we end up with a break about every other month – plenty of vacation time for us.

I also made a 6 box page with space for notes at the bottom, you can get it here if you’d like.


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