Removing 1971 from our bathroom, part 2: The venetian blinds

April 5, 2012 at 2:46 pm | Posted in for the House | 2 Comments
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Our house came with venetian blinds in every window.  I love them, and I really don’t mind the blue blinds since they are my favorite color.  But they really clashed with the new green on the walls in the bathroom. (These are identical blinds in the kitchen, since I forgot to take a before picture in the bathroom.)

I have this clock in my bathroom, that I found at the second hand store a few years ago, and I am sort of using it for color inspiration.  I went to the store with the stir stick that I used when I redid the bathroom walls, and found a color of spray paint that I thought complimented the wall color and the clock.  I have seen people make key chains with little wood chips painted to match the rooms in their house, but I just saved my stir stick.  I may chop a piece off the end and drill a hole in it to make a key chain eventually, but I figured tossing the whole stir stick in my car was a lot easier, if not quite as convenient at the store.

I unclipped the individual blinds, took them outside to spray paint, and let them dry for a few hours.  I clipped the blinds back in, and rehung the whole thing – it looks so much better.  For a single $3 can of spray paint, we have lovely new blinds that perfectly match the bathroom. (Its hard to see in the picture, so I lightened it up below, but its still hard to see.)  I was surprised that I couldn’t find anywhere online where someone said they had successfully painted their blinds.  Mine took about a week to fully loose the tacky feel, but they turned out fine.



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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Rachel, or should I say Martha??!!

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