Removing 1971 from our bathroom, part 1

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Our house was built in 1971.  We bought it from the children of the couple that built it, so a lot of the original wallpaper, paneling, and fixtures remain.  Blue is my favorite color, but there is something about the country pink and blue that I can’t stand.  The wallpaper was peeling off in several spots, so it couldn’t be painted over.

As I peeled the paper off I found that it had been glued directly to untreated drywall.  It pulled top layer off of the drywall in several places, leaving the wall with a weird texture.  I primed the drywall with white kiltz, which was supposed to seal it to prevent further damage.  The wall had an odd texture, but it looked much better than the nasty paper.  (The yellow color around the toilet is the drywall without any paint.  I waited for my husband to remove the toilet to paint back there.)

I went to home depot to look for texture options to cover the damage, and found bellagio faux on clearance for $9 a gallon.  I added a $5 mistinted gallon of green paint, and set to work.  (I always take photos of clearance signs, in case the item doesn’t ring up the advertised price it is much easier to pull out my phone than to wait for someone to walk to the other end of the store to verify the price.)

In hindsight, I should have sanded the rough patches, and then primed over any exposed drywall again before painting the base color.  You can really see the damage in the white area here, before I painted on the base coat of green.  That’s why I started with the small back bathroom, since it doesn’t bother me to be a little messed up, and now I know better.  When I redo the larger hall bathroom (that everyone will see) it will be done right.

I used a heavy layer of the faux texture, and didn’t squish the chunks like the directions said.  (I tried that behind the toilet, and it didn’t look very good.)  It is 300% better than the original wallpaper, and it only cost $28 for the kilts, base layer, and texture since I bought clearance paints.  At first I wasn’t sure that I really liked the texture, but its grown on me.

Eventually, I’d like to change the clunky cabinet out for a pedestal sink since it would open the room up, but that would involve re-tiling the floor, and major repair to the wall behind the cabinet…not going to happen for quite a while so I think I am going to just paint it tan for the time being.  I already painted the mirror/cabinet, window shelf, and trim white (with leftover kilts.)

You can see the popcorn falling off of the ceiling, the country blue venetian blinds, and the lovely sliding glass shower doors here.  The shower and doors have to stay, but I will fix up everything else.  I finally ordered a chord to recharge the batteries for my real camera, since the original was lost in the move and my cell phone camera doesn’t have the capability to focus.  Its killing me to put these blurry photos up, but they’re all I’ve got 🙂


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  1. Great idea about taking a photo of the clearance price!

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