Blue! Glazed Jewlery Frame

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I am a very practical girl.  While I like pretty things, if I have to chose between function and form I will always choose function.  So I love it when something can be functional AND pretty.  I like to think that this jewelry frame qualifies as both.

In the apartment I just had my jewelry hanging on the wall on one of those old accordion coat hangers (like this.)  Not very nice looking, but it was hanging behind the door so no one saw, and it got the job done.  Since we moved I suddenly have the space to do something more, so I decided to make a jewelry frame.  And since blue is my favorite color, it needed to be blue.

Someone gave me this lovely old frame when we moved.  I was torn about painting over it, but the green fabric was old and stained, and you couldn’t remove it without dismantling the whole frame.  The other day I had the kiltz out to paint the bathroom cabinet and I just went for it while I was at it.

It took two layers of white primer to mostly cover the frame.  It is annoying to wait a few hours between coats, but the end result is much nicer.  A glossy paint is recommended for glazing, but I already had a semi-flat so thats what I used.

For the glaze I watered down a little acrylic paint I already had.  I want to say it was 2-to-1 paint-to-water.  I brushed the paint on, taking care to get it into all the crevices.

After it set for about 10 minutes it was tacky, so I used a rag to wipe off the excess.  The goal was for the paint to highlight all the textures of my old frame.  I was originally thinking I would need to cover the fabric, but I really like how the texture shows up so I left it.

After the frame dried I stuck a piece of black foam core board in it.  I hung it on the wall and screwed several hooks into it to hang my jewelry on – I ran out of hooks so I need a few more to call it done.  The foam board was easy to cut to size, easy to screw the hooks into, and it looks great.  I don’t have a ton of jewelry (most of it I’ve had forever, or made myself) so it all fits nicely.



You may have noticed that my picture quality has gone down lately – when we moved I lost the cord to the battery charger for my camera.  I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the photos from my cell phone, but I can’t zoom or focus like I could with my DSLR.


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