Simple Valentines or Party Favors

February 10, 2012 at 8:35 am | Posted in crafts, Quiet Activities | 1 Comment
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I am not a big fan of Valentines Day so I normally don’t craft for it.  However, I found myself needing 12 valentines yesterday… so I spent the morning looking for something I could make  without running to the store.  I don’t keep candy in the house, or I would have just printed something off and taped candy to it.

In the end I just cut a 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper into 3×4 pieces, cut a 1″ slit on the top and bottom, and stuck a pencil and some stickers on it – not bad for 10 minutes of my time and 0.15 for all the supplies.  It would have been cuter with decorative pencils, but I didn’t want to make a trip to the store, and even a boring yellow pencil lasts longer than a lollipop.

While I was looking for ideas, I found a ton of neat paper toys that would be easy to print on a full or half page for party favors, busy bags, or valentines:

The Toy Maker has several neat things, including a set of Monster Puppets that print out on standard paper – you need a few feet of string to make them, and I thought about including the string with taped ends, and using my long reaching hole punch to punch out the holes, so the kids would only need to cut them out and put them together.

Cannon Creative Park has tons of neat printables too – I like this free puzzle, but was thinking of just printing the animals off and laminating them so each kid could have a few animals. There are also several cute theater sets under the paper toys tab, so you could just print one background and a set of people for each child.  (I am definitely printing one of the princess scenes to mail to my nieces.)

Let’s Explore has a tangram template and links to some puzzles to print – I like her idea of sticking the puzzle and anagram pieces in a sandwich bag.  Educational, fun, and cheap – that’s my kind of valentine.

Made by Joel has several neat printables – the travel Paris Paper City all fits on one page.  I love little things like that.

Sweet Muffin Suite has a cute free printable that you only need to add a pencil to – I didn’t think this would look nearly as cute with plain yellow pencils.


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  1. These are very nice! Love the arrow one. I will def look for stickers and make some of the sticker/pencil sets for school next year.

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