Polymer clay ornaments

November 1, 2011 at 11:25 am | Posted in crafts | 1 Comment
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I have been spending hours and hours getting ready for the mistletoe market next weekend – and was kind of burned out on sewing.  I love sewing, but after a point I just need a break.  So, I pulled out my sculpey clay and set to work making some ornaments.   I have had the clay for probably 13+ years – I bought it with babysitting money before I was old enough to get a real job.  I usually make the polar bears since they are so cute, but found that the white clay was the hardest to work with.  The colored clay is still very supple, so I had fun playing around with it.

I don’t know what it is about birds, maybe its because they are so simple to draw and sculpt, but I really like to make them.  I am pretty happy with the way these two turned out.  I like the polar bears, so the tan and brown ones just don’t look right, although the brown one does remind me of the cinnamon bears my sisters and I made in preschool.  Maybe they will look better once their ribbon scarves are attached.

If you are local and want to stop by my table the mistltoe market is next weekend (November 12th-13th 2011) in the atrium at the Belle of Baton Rouge (my table is in the back near the restaurant.)

I have also been designing signs for the market, and updating the look of my etsy shop.  While I was at it I decided to make a facebook page for the blog too (the image should take you straight to the facebook page.)

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve been up to lately.  There are a few birthdays coming up that I will be making cards for, and as soon as the market is over I will move on to Christmas crafting, (both of which should be much more interesting as blog material.)


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  1. We still have the bear you gave us years ago. It goes on the tree every year.


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