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October 1, 2011 at 6:02 am | Posted in crafts | Leave a comment

I never knew it could be so complicated to buy a house!  Anyways, in between packing most everything, unpacking the things we needed when it drew out longer than anticipated, and patching holes in the wall, I have been looking at ideas on what to do when I have my own house to decorate and improve.  Because really, all you can do in an apartment is paint the walls and hang some pictures.

I love built in bookshelves (like these from studiomama) but I am thinking of using the 16″ sections from old pallets to DIY.

I love the idea of having shelves that are sized for pans – so much neater than just shoving and stacking everything in the open cabinet like I have it now.  And we have to do some major work in the kitchen anyways…

I love the pot rack / shelf combo – much better than stacking all the pots on top of the fridge.  And having commonly used tools hanging instead of in a crock is a great idea.

I love the idea of having individual cubbies for shoes made from large pvc pipe – I think I would line them up to fit under a bench like this, and put it in the entry way.  When we visited Japan everyone had shoe cubbies just inside the door since no one wears shoes inside, and we don’t wear shoes inside to keep the carpet somewhat clean – right now all of our shoes are on a hanging over the door shoe rack on the closet door behind the front door – not very attractive, but it gets the job done.

For some reason I really want to make something out of old pallets – and the new house has an arbor that used to have a swing…

And I am really looking forward to planting a garden.  It will probably be a little late by the time we get everything inside fixed up, but I am really looking forward to having a large yard with plenty of space to plant in the spring.


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