DIY patterned nails

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I am not one to wear makeup, or spend an hour straightening my hair, or pay for a pedicure; but I do like to keep my toenails painted.  And I think the patterned nails look neat, although I am not willing to pay for the stuff to do them.

A few months ago one of the daily deal sites had a deal where I ended up getting some free patterned nail polish strips.  I just got them and was so glad I didn’t actually pay for them – it was essentially stickers that you had to trim to fit your nails, and they fell off after a day.  Since the idea of it is so simple, I decided to try to DIY. 

All of my scrapbook paper is packed away, so I grabbed this weeks newspaper and flipped through the glossy ad pages until I found something I liked.  I used a scrap of paper to get the right shape to fit my toenail, and traced it onto the ad.  (I pushed the paper all around my nail, and then cut it out on the crease – each little nail has the same base.)  If I ever do this again, I will try to use a thinner paper – like origami or tissue paper.

I trimmed out enough patterned nail papers to put one on each of my toes.  Then I used clear nail polish to glue each piece on.  After I let it dry a bit, I used my nail clippers to trim the paper even with my nails.  I added a few coats of clear nail polish (making sure to cover the raw end of the paper,) and viola!  Just as easy as the stickers (which had to be cut to size, filed, and heat set.)  I don’t know that I will spend the time to do it again, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that I can get that same look for free again if I want to, and you would never guess that it was an old ad on my toes.  There are endless possibilities – you just need about 1″x10″ scrap of paper.  In the unlikely event I have occasion to do my finger nails, I am going to use a page with text on it.


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