Hot Air Balloon Festival

August 18, 2011 at 6:12 am | Posted in homeschool, totally random | Leave a comment

Last Friday my father in law convinced us to get up very early to drive over to the first morning of the Pennington Hot Air Balloon Festival.  I have never seen hot air balloons up close before – it was really neat to see so many flying at once.

We waited impatiently for the hot air balloons to take off from another field and fly overhead.  It was neat to finally see them coming over the tree tops.

The balloons flew very close to us, trying to toss a ring or bean bag onto a target in the center of the field.

Then the colorful balloons floated away in the early morning sky, headed to their next target.

Hot air balloons always remind me of Jules Verne since he used them in several of his stories.  The basic design really hasn’t changed much since his day.

My father in law and J had a lot of fun watching the balloons fly overhead.

Of course, I did too.

I also really had fun playing around with my camera settings, and took about 200 pictures.  The beauty of having a digital camera is that I can take massive amounts of pictures like that and just delete the bad ones – no wasted film or ink.  Truth be told though, I’m not really good about actually deleting the extra pictures; I usually decide that they aren’t that bad and that I want to keep them all… I suppose at least that using up the space on my computer isn’t nearly as bad as using up the space on my shelf.


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