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I’m cheap frugal.  I just hate to buy an organizer when I can make one that is just exactly what I want for so much less.  I made this year’s version using a three ring binder and a three hole paper punch (I actually just took last years out of the binder and stuck it in an envelope in case I need it for some reason.)  The website where I got my weekly page from last year updated to a newer version that I really don’t like, so I made my own.  I normally start my week on Sunday, but decided for record keeping purposes I would leave the weekend at the end – we don’t often do school related things on the weekend but six boxes looked so much neater than five, and I will use it occasionally.  I also left some blank lines at the bottom for a to-do list or other notes.  I really like leaving the spaces mostly unlabeled – you write the date at the top of the box and can fill it in with whatever information is needed each day.

I use a landscape oriented monthly calender page from followed by my weekly pages.  I have several loose pages to keep a reading list on (we read a lot, there is no way it would fit on my weekly pages.)  This year math and reading are in books that we won’t be removing any pages from, but other loose school pages will be punched and stuck into the binder behind the calendar pages.  I also printed off the grade-level expectations for subjects that I am teaching without a curriculum to make sure I cover everything.  Add a few divider tabs and a bookmark and I have a wonderfully customized school organizer for under $5.  You can download my weekly planner page {here} if you like.



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  1. Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using this planner for a couple of months. It’s simple to print off on cardstock, hand to my child, and go.

    It’s made a big difference. I’ve tried lots of things over the last fifteen years. I like this best!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    Laura Lane

  2. […] we’ve done for school over the past year, and prepare for the coming year.  I designed a weekly planner page last year, but it didn’t work out as well as I’d like since we normally do a 4 day […]

  3. I used this planner sheet again for my three children this year. It’s great!
    Thanks so much!
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. Hi, I just shared a link to your planner on my blog.

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