Baby bibs and tardis cakes

July 10, 2011 at 11:28 pm | Posted in totally random | 2 Comments

Its been a few weeks since I posted a good crafty project.  There’s a good reason:  I haven’t done any good, crafty projects worth sharing lately.  I have been quite busy cleaning house this past month.  I decided to move one thing, which resulted in major rearranging and deep cleaning.  But I invited family over for my husband’s birthday this weekend, which means I have to wrap all my deep cleaning projects up by then.  And bake a cake.  And have a 2-day yard sale.  And run a bunch of errands.  I think we will be taking this week off of school.

I also reserved a booth to sell my handmade goods at the mistletoe market in November.  I need to have at least 200 baby bibs sewn by then to make it worthwhile, so I have a goal to make 10 a week.  If I work on them for an hour or two each weeknight I should be able to do it.  I would also like to list some bibs in my etsy shop, but I need to find a baby to borrow first .  For some reason buddy looks kind of creepy as a baby bib model – and that picture was after I scrubbed him for half an hour.  (The reason that I mention this is because bib making will be using up a big chunk of my crafty time.)

On a more interesting, crafty note: I will be making a tardis cake for the doctor who themed birthday party this weekend, which will surely be worth sharing.



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  1. The bibs and burp cloths that you made for Morgan and Liz’s babies are so nice. They use them all the time.

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