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June 11, 2011 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Food | 1 Comment
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I love trying new things!  I have been playing a recipe game on – it involves virtually touring the world by trying new recipes from different regions for 6 weeks.  This is my 3rd year playing – it really helps me add variety to our meals when I try new things, and we always end up discovering some new favorites.   The photo above is Olive Lover’s Salad – its like bruschetta with olives, and it is amazing on thin sliced, toasted, buttered bread.  {UPDATE: no longer has forums, so the food games are no longer available. has some food games if anyone is interested in cooking along.  🙂 }

Salsa Chicken Burgers are also delicious!  I bought several pounds of ground turkey on sale, and think this is one of the better ways to eat it.  I added some mango salsa on top of the burgers instead of ketchup – amazingly moist flavor, and its healthy too.  You could tell that it wasn’t a beef burger, but it didn’t have a turkey taste either.

This last recipe is for Bleeding Heart Muffins, with a plum center that “bleeds” when you bite into it.  I tried it with blueberries, and raspberry preserves – neither really stayed in the middle but the flavor was great.   It is a good muffin base that can be savory or sweet – I think I am going to try bacon, shallots, and cheese next time.

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