How to: Neatly wrapped embroidery hoop

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Growing up I remember my Grandma, Mom, and Aunts admiring each other’s stitched work, then flipping it over to look at the back.  Normally no one sees the back of an embroidered piece, but Grandma would joke about the back being as neat as the front.  It rubbed off on me.  Even though I am the grandchild that lives the farthest away, and I don’t think they will ever see my embroidery, and if they did it really doesn’t matter what the back looks like; I want to keep the back of my embroidery looking neat.  The last piece I made I decided to hang in a hoop, and figured out how to get a lovely finished edge without worrying about little threads poking out.

First you need to trim your embroidery to about 1″ away from the edge of the frame.  Take it out, and use it as a template to cut out a piece of plain white fabric.  Leave the fabric beneath your embroidery (hiding the back) and put it into the hoop, carefully pulling both fabrics taunt as you tighten the hoop.

Trim the white fabric flush with the hoop, leaving the embroidery fabric long.  Wrap a strip of double stick foam tape around the inside of the hoop – I had to cut my 1″ wide tape in half in order for it to fit.

Peel the backing from the foam tape, and carefully press the embroidery fabric down all around the hoop.  The foam tape will hold the embroidery fabric in place and prevent it from fraying, while the white fabric keeps all the thread in place so no little strings will peek out.

The embroidery pattern in based on this vintage tea towel.  I edited the image in photoshop, traced it on the embroidery fabric with a #2 pencil, and used watered down acrylic paint to color the large areas.  Since my simple sewing projects always turn out to be more involved than I anticipated, I thought it was cute and mildly humorous.


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