DIY Fancy Ring Bearer Pillow

May 10, 2011 at 7:52 pm | Posted in crafts, totally random | 1 Comment

My little sister is getting married in 2 weeks!  My Mom has been crazy busy making things for the wedding (she is an amazingly talented, creative woman!)  To help out, I made the ring bearer pillow.  My sister didn’t really care what the pillow was like as long as it looked nice (practicality runs in our family.) She did like the idea of lace, so I raided my mother-in-laws craft stash for a lovely doily and some flat lace.  (Craftiness runs in my husband’s family too!)  I neglected to take a picture of the finished product, but this one is close.

You will need 8″ squares of white fabric, matching satin, and flat lace; 3 feet of piping, a small flower, matching ribbon, and a fancy doily that is around 8″ across.

I used an 8″ square piece of scrapbook paper as my pattern.  Layer a square of lace over your white fabric, and stitch together.  Since the white satin was so sheer, I added a layer or white broadcloth behind it.  The purpose of this stitching is just to keep the layers in place when you sew the piping on.

Pin the piping to the front of the pillow, matching the raw edges.  I let the piping round the corners since I figured it would be hard to square them.

Use a piping or zipper foot, and sew the piping in place.  I didn’t sew around the corners since they will be caught with the back of the pillow.

Pin the back fabric to the pillow front, right sides together, and sew along the seam from the piping, leaving a small gap to stuff.  I also added a strip of ribbon across the back to help little hands hold the pillow.

Turn the pillow right side out, and stuff. [Absolutely terrible photo.]

Using a needle and thread, stitch the gap closed.

Use fabri-tac glue or hand stitch the doily on the pillow top.  I hand stitched it so the glue wouldn’t show through the fine threads.

Sew or glue pearls to the edge of your doily.  And embellish with little bits of ribbon and a silk flower.  Then ship it out of state without taking a picture of the completed project.  And kick yourself in the head for forgetting that photo.

(I will add said picture after the wedding…)


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