Bug jar invitations (see through postcard tutorial)

April 12, 2011 at 12:41 pm | Posted in crafts, Postcrossing | 2 Comments
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This year J is old enough to really appreciate having a birthday party.   And since both of us look for any opportunity to pull out the craft supplies, we have been having fun making birthday party things.  Since J loves catching bugs, we went with a bug picnic theme, and I made a variation of my see through postcards for the invitation.

I found some free stock images of a picnic tablecloth, and of an empty jar.  I used photoshop to lay out the postcard and include the text.  The main thing to keep in mind when designing a postcard that will be see through is that you will need to leave sufficient space for the address and stamp on the back.

Print the postcards on card stock, and trim away the inside of the jars (or whatever shape you want to use.)  I used an exacto knife to cut a slit, and then trimmed the shape using my good scissors. [Please note that the postcards are still uncut on the page, only the center of the jar has been trimmed.]

If you are involving a little helper, now would be the time to set him/her up with paper and pens to color bugs to fill up the jars.  I gave J a piece of card stock with appropriately sized rectangles and told him we needed three bugs in each jar.  He had fun drawing bugs while I prepared everything else.

Use a marker to outline the shape on both sides of the card for a cleaner look.  I also traced around the jar’s lid for a more seamless look.

Cut your bugs out.  Open a laminating envelope, and place your post card page on it.  Have your little helper place the bugs in the jars.

Close the folder and carefully feed it into your laminating machine.  I used my cutting mat to hold it level (so the little bugs wouldn’t shift out of place) as it fed into the laminator.

If you didn’t already color your bugs, or address your postcards, you can do so now using a permanent marker.

Trim the postcards from the page, and you are all done!  I rounded the corners since they felt sharp – the corner rounder that I have wouldn’t go through the laminated paper, so I just eyeballed it with my scissors.

If you keep to a 4″ x 6″ post card size, and leave enough space on the back for the address and a stamp, you can mail these.



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  1. These are so cute!

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