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I recently discovered some amazing tex-mex recipes worthy of sharing.  The first is easy chicken enchiladas.  This recipe was delicious!  And I got more servings than the recipe states – I made a double batch and it was enough for four meals.  I added diced tomatoes, olives, and fresh cilantro to the top since they looked pretty blah with just the cheese and creme on top.  (The recipe uses the new Philly cooking creme – 1 block of softened cream cheese mixed with 1/3 cup of salsa can be substituted for the 12 oz package of the santa fe cooking creme.)  I’m not sure why this is supposed to be an easy recipe – it wasn’t hard but by the time you cook and shred the chicken it isn’t as quick or simple as the recipe says.

I love America’s test kitchen – and their Mexican rice recipe is absolutely amazing!  It is more work than I would normally spend making a side dish, but it makes a lot, and is absolutely amazing and worth the effort.  I was a little leery of baking the rice as there didn’t seem to be enough extra liquid in the dish, but I (very uncharacteristically) followed the directions and it turned out perfectly.  I am not a big fan of any type of pepper, but I included the jalapeno and it wasn’t too strong or spicy.  The recipe says that leftovers can be frozen – we enjoyed it enough to eat all the leftovers in a few days.

This guacamole salad isn’t much to look at, but it was delicious!  I added a little cilantro and taco seasoning to the dressing since several reviews called it bland.  And the dressing alone didn’t taste too great, but it was amazing mixed with the other ingredients.  I would only make as much salad as you can eat in one sitting, since the leftovers were wilted and browned after a few hours.  My Mom makes a similar recipe using ranch beans and catalina dressing that is almost as good if avocados aren’t your thing.

I love finding delicious new recipes online – enjoy!

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