Japan and earthquake/tsunami unit study / lapbook resources

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We have been learning about different countries for a few months now, and considering the current events I thought that it would be a good time to learn about Japan and earthquakes/tsunamis.

Since my son is just starting first grade I don’t feel the need to make a strict lesson plan, so I just made a list of all of the resources that I found (in no particular order):

Answers in Genesis has several good resources about why bad things (like earthquakes and tsunamis) happen.

Brainpops has made several resources about natural disasters available for free for a few weeks.  I have never used them before, but figure its worth looking at.

homeschoolshare.com has a lapbook on earthquakes – I only used the faults and ring of fire worksheets since the rest was over J’s head.

Cannon has a lot of neat free printablesThe Great Wave of Kanagawa is a classic Japanese illustration that shows a large wave in front of Mt Fuji.

USGS has a large list of resources and lessons for learning about earthquakes.

PBS has a page about tsunamis.

NOAA has a large tsunami data and information page.

Our local library also has a good variety of books about Japan, earthquakes, and tsunamis, as well as some Japanese anime.  My Neighbor Totoro and Sherlock Hound are both Japanese kids movies that we have enjoyed watching.  Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away are both very popular in the US, and probably available at your library or online.  I wanted to watch some kids movies to show my son that Japanese kids are like you, and enjoy watching cartoons just like you do.

Japanese family paper dolls from papergoodies – I printed the graphic at 300% and cut the people out.

Japanese Woodblock coloring pages from Dover – a few pages are available as free samples

Japanese-name-translation.com has a set of kanji worksheets for free.  The Japanese written language is very different from ours.

Enchanted learning has a neat Japanese koi craft that I have used at a VBS in the past.

Origami-instructions.com has a jumping origami frog that is easy to make and can slip into your lapbook.

This website links to some Japanese kid’s songs.

My son has watched some of the news with us, and I found some of the pictures from our trip in 2005 to show him that we visited those areas.  A friend that we went to school with is a kindergarten teacher in Japan, and we have been reading her blog since the kids are the same age as J.


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