Teaching Bookmark Ribbons

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Bookmark ribbons are very easy to make, and quite helpful if you need to reference more than one section of a book while teaching.  I like to keep  a set in my Bible, but it would also be helpful in any teaching situation where more than one section of a book will be regularly referenced – for instance the lesson and the answer key.  You can have as few, or as many, different colored ribbons as you like.

You will need: your book, a ruler and scissors, as many distinctly different colored 1/8″ ribbons as you like, and some glue (like fabri-tac.)   It is important that the ribbons be distinctly different in color so you can quickly identify the bookmark that you need while teaching.

The length of the ribbons will depend on the method of finishing that you use.  The simplest way is to simply tie the ribbons in a knot.  You can also use a jewelry ribbon crimper and a charm for a more finished look, or a piece of card stock inserted into the spine.  You will need 1 1/2 – 2 inches of ribbon to hang from the bottom of the book.  If you are going to knot the ribbon at the top, or if you have a very thick book, allow an additional inch.  My book measured 8″ from top to bottom, so I cut my ribbons at 10″ since I didn’t knot them.  Cut the ribbons at an angle, or heat seal the bottom ends to prevent fraying.

If you are using a knot or charm, glue each ribbon on top of each other.  Knot the ribbon, or apply the crimper, after the glue has dried.  Fabric-tac if perfect for impatient people like me since it dries in under a minute.  If you want an insert in the spine, glue the ribbons to a piece of card stock side by side.

Insert the individual ribbons into the pages and you are all set.  (I also like to cut up brightly colored sticky notes and stick them in the margin and foot notes if I need any notes or reminders.)  The ribbons will stay put if you drop your book, they are easy to move to mark a different place, and if you decide you don’t like them they are easily removed altogether.




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