Sewing up a storm…

March 1, 2011 at 9:56 pm | Posted in crafts, totally random | Leave a comment

I have been using all my free time this past week to sew.  I am afraid that its nothing too interesting.  My sister is getting married in May: my husband is performing the ceremony, I am a bridesmaid, and J is the ring bearer.  As you probably know I am cheap, and I would be paying more for the clothes for this one day than I normally pay for clothes in a year.  (Not that my sister isn’t worth it – I am just cheap, and up for a challenge.)  I found fabric that was an exact match to David’s capri blue at Hobby Lobby, for under $3 a yard.  So for around $20 I should be able to make a bridesmaid dress, ring bearer vest and pants, and matching bowtie (possibly vest too?) for my husband.  A savings of at least $200.

I picked up a few patterns,  and have been making trial clothes to see if I can actually sew well enough to make everything.  If not, I have to order the dress by next week, which is why I have been devoting all my spare time to it.   I am having a little trouble with the pattern that I got for the dress, it is too short, too busty, and shows a little too much skin for my liking; I am on my third try with scrap fabric to get a good fit.

The photos are the vest I made for J.  He was not in the mood to have his picture taken that day, hence the strange pouty lip / raised eyebrows/ smirk/ smile thing he has going on.  I let J chose the clothes to try it on with – there is a tiny blue stripe in the shirt, so obviously it matches the pants.  There is also a tan stripe, in both the shirt and vest.  You just can’t argue with that logic.


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