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This past week I have had a wonderful time visiting my family in Florida.  I was so busy admiring one sisters brand new baby, and helping another sister get ready for her wedding in May, that I didn’t get a chance to blog.  And here I am, three loads of laundry, a massive day of errands, and 209 unread emails later.

My mom and I made a wedding guest book for my sister.   (I took step by step photos using my mom’s camera since it was handy at the moment, and will post them after I get a copy.)  The lace was handmade by our great grandma.  I sewed the fabric together and bound the book (using an old book as the base for the cover and some hot glue and terrifically tacky tape to hold the fabric and pages in place.)  My mom hand sewed the lace, ribbon, and roses onto the cover.  My aunt is embroidering the bride and groom’s names to be sewn onto the book later.  As you can tell, creativity and craftiness run in the family 🙂

My new niece is absolutely adorable!!!  Cute, tiny, sweet, baby perfection.  I am so excited for both of my sisters!   And so glad that I was able to just take off for a week to be with them.  I love my family!


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  1. You definitely have a very creative family!!! I would love to have some creative streak in my bones but it’s just not there nor in my family. Oh well, God creates us all differently so I will be content with that. I’ll just enjoy your craftiness!!!!

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