DIY: Alcohol ink applicator

December 19, 2010 at 6:02 am | Posted in crafts, Handmade Christmas | Leave a comment

My sister wants alcohol inks for Christmas.  I picked her up a set from the craft store, but just couldn’t pay $10 for the applicator.  It is essentially a stamp blank with velcro on the base and a few squares of felt.  I know that she would be fine with a homemade version, and this is what I came up with (please excuse the pile of half-made gifts in the background:)

I like to find stamps on wooden blocks at the second hand store – especially if they are hideous.  They come in handy for all sorts of projects, including this one.  Carefully shave the rubber stamp off of the wood block, and sand smooth.

Apply some adhesive backed velcro to the bottom of the block.

Glue a knob on top of the block – I used a peg.  (This would be a great use for an old spool, odd toy block, or a little wooden figurine.)  If your stamp block was particularly smooth, rough it up a bit with sandpaper to help the glue hold.  I used E6000 glue – it really does a great job.

Grab a piece of plain felt, and cut into appropriately sized squares.  The stamp base cost .10 and the felt cost .18 for the whole sheet.  I already had the knob and glue.  The total cost was 0.28 and a half hour of my time.  It doesn’t look bad, and I know that my sister will use it.  And I can spend the $9.73 that I saved to give her more ink.


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