Handmade Christmas: simple kids hat and scarf tutorial

December 1, 2010 at 8:51 am | Posted in crafts, Handmade Christmas | 2 Comments
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I like to make my Christmas gifts each year.  To me it seems more personal than a purchased gift, and you usually end up with a higher quality item at a lesser cost.  This hat and scarf couldn’t be easier. 

First, you will need a long rectangle of fleece.  I happened to have some fleece on hand – I am also using a $2 fleece blanket to make my son a more masculine looking set.   I like to double my fleece, because it adds an extra layer of fabric as well as a small pocket of warm air.  The recipient of this scarf is just two, so I used a 12″x45″ rectangle.  For a 5 year old, I would use add 5″ to the length length.  Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise, wrong side out (so it will now measure 6″x45″) and measure 5″ from each end.  Hem along the edge between the two 5″ marks.

Turn your scarf right side out, and stitch across your scarf 5″ from each end.  This will seal the scarf closed, and will give you a line to cut your fringe up to.

Trim fringe along each edge, stopping just before you reach the line you just sewed.  Tada!  Your scarf is now ready.

For the hat, cut out two 11.5″x15″ rectangles.  (Again, this is sized for the 2 year old.  For a 5 year old, a 12″x20″ rectangle should work.)  Using a bowl, round off the four corners.  Sew along the edges, right sides together.  (Leave a small gap along the bottom edge.)  Right side out your hat, and sew the gap closed.

Decide which end is the top, and tuck the other end inside of it, forming your hat.

Roll up the edge to form a brim, and you are done.

(I tried to make matching mittens, but the only pattern that I could find was too big, and the pattern that I attempted on my own was way too small… I mention this because of that sad looking single mitten that managed to sneak into this photo…)


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