Easy Greek Dinner

November 17, 2010 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Food | 1 Comment
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I love to try new recipes!  This summer I tried making shawarma, and was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it is to make.  I have been making it for supper a few times a month since then, and it is delicious!   I thought I would share the recipes that I love in case you are looking for something new to do with chicken…

Here is the Chicken Shawarma recipe that I use- but I don’t follow the directions.  I plop a pound of chicken breasts into my crockpot, and liberally coat them with the rub from the shawarma recipe.  As long as it is started by lunchtime it is ready for supper.   I have also used frozen breasts baked at 375*F for 40 minutes.  I prefer using the crockpot: I can mess with it when I have the time, and dinner stays warm until I need it.

Couscous makes a quick side dish – it takes about the same amount of time as it takes to open and heat a can of peas.  (I prefer using Israeli couscous, since its larger.)

Tzatziki is an amazing dip that goes well with shawarma.  I make it in a few minutes in the morning so that the flavors will be really melded by the time we eat it.   Pita bread isn’t as easy to make as the rest of the meal, and you really don’t save any money by making it from scratch.  But it is fun, so depending on what’s going on I may make it.

I also add some feta cheese cubes and kalamata olives if I can get them on sale.  And either a simple Greek salad or some frozen peas, depending on what I have in the fridge.  Lebanese tea is very simple to make – equal parts unsweet tea and lemonade, with a teaspoon of rosewater added to a 2 quart pitcher.  Serve over ice with a few pine nuts in each glass.

Just as nice as going out to eat, at a fraction of the cost, and really easy to make.  My kind of meal.


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