Glittery Christmas Baubles

November 10, 2010 at 7:28 am | Posted in crafts, totally random | Leave a comment
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I really like the look of glitter in the ornaments, and with this project it is inside so there is no mess.  I wanted to make a tutorial, but will have to wait until someone can take the photos for me, as this is a project that requires both hands.  I use Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Interior Varnish to adhere the glitter – just pour about a teaspoon into an ornament, and spin around to coat the inside.  Drain over the bottle for 3-4 minutes, and wipe any excess out of the ornament stem with a paper towel.  Pour about a teaspoon of glitter into the ornament, and shake to coat.  I find that ultra-fine glitter works the best – regular sized glitter will clump up and slough off the sides.  Dump any extra glitter back into your container.  Allow the ornament to dry for a few hours before replacing the cap.  Add stickers, or custom cut vinyl i you have a cricut machine.

Aside from making my gifts, I will be selling ornaments at the flea market or craft fair.  I have 90 glass bauble ornaments, 28 beaded stars, hair ribbons, and baby bibs all in various stages of production to sell this weekend.  I also sell on etsy and indiemade if you would like to purchase some personalized ornaments (or if you are local just contact me.)



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