Buggy Bags

April 15, 2010 at 8:15 am | Posted in crafts | 2 Comments
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Here is a better photo of the bug guides and jars I made a few days ago, along with the magnifying glass and little bugs that came with it .  (I found my camera charging cord!)  There is also a small bug coloring book with stickers and crayons (valentines clearance) and a ziplock with gummy worms inside.   I needed a place to keep those neat little things, (and I only have to get stuff for my son and one friend) so I picked up two pre-made bags from the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby.

Using SCAL and my Cricut I cut the boys names out of freezer paper using a bug’s life font.  I was going to use one of the stencil fonts, but then I saw this one and couldn’t resist.  To iron that wrinkle (which is transferring from the back seam) out of the center of my bags, I had to insert a washcloth into the bag.

Place the stencil where it looks good, and gently iron on the highest non-steam setting of your iron.  It will only take 5-10 seconds for the freezer paper to adhere.  If it doesn’t end up in the right place, just pull it off and iron it on again – your stencil can be reused several times.

I used the same Plaid fabric paint as I used for my clothes tags, you could use acrylic paint as well. Gently dab the paint on working your way from the outside edges in, being careful not to brush under the stencil.  (It is really easy, and will only take you a few minutes to complete.)

While the paint is still damp, use a straight pen and tweezers to remove any floating pieces (like the center of the letter “o”.)

And here is a close up of the details- I love the little snail heads and bugs creeping in almost each letter.  Be sure to follow the paints directions for drying times and heat setting.  I let mine dry for a full hour, and then ironed it to heat set.  Not per package directions, but it works with this brand of paint.

So for $6 I have two really nice bags full of bug stuff that will occupy two boys for at least an hour.  I am holding the candy and plastic bugs aside to stick in the bags after they play outside – dirt and gummy worms don’t mix, and I can see the little plastic bugs getting lost in the grass.



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  1. Great job! The bags turned out great. You’re very creative. I don’t have this streak in my:)

  2. […] a baby shower tonight, so I hand printed this onesie for her using the same method used to make my buggy bags.  Instead of using freezer paper though, I used contact paper.  The contact paper was quicker to […]

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