Bug birthday party

April 12, 2010 at 9:30 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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This Sunday my son turns 5.  He is finally old enough to actually be excited about his birthday, and to help plan his party.  He decided to have a “bug party.”  I am only making a few simple things, but I still thought I’d share.  (Please excuse the cell phone camera photo, my actual camera charger sprouted legs and walked away.)

I looked for a bug identification guide that I could print out, but really didn’t find what I was looking for.  I ended up using the image from http://www.bugguide.net, and editing it in photoshop to add the bug names before printing.  Little boys playing outside get dirty, and ink jet ink runs when wet, so I used some clear contact paper to ‘laminate’ my bug guides.  Hopefully they will survive one afternoon of play, and maybe even last long enough to do some school work with.  Fun and educational too!

I saved a few glass jars (olives, pickles, salsa, etc.) and sanded the paint off of the lids.  I was going to spray paint them white, but Josh liked the silver lids.  I then drilled several small holes in the top with my dremel (the dremel leaves smooth edges, unlike a nail hole) for instant bug jars.  Since they are different (although pretty similar in size) I didn’t feel the need to add a name or any further decoration.  I am going to pick up a magnifying glass from the dollar store, and let my son and his friend loose to catch bugs in my sister in laws yard.  I have one other little project for his birthday, but I have to find my fabric paint first…



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  1. That is very creative and sounds great for an adventurous boy party:) I hope he has fun!!! Happy Birthday Joshua:)

    • Thanks Amy. I’m sure he will have fun just having somebody to play with :0)

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