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January 9, 2010 at 11:32 am | Posted in crafts | Leave a comment
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Adding this ridiculous cold weather to the fact that I’ve lost a little weight, and my rings have been flying off of my fingers lately.  I would hate to loose my wedding rings, so I decided to see how hard it would be to make my own rings out of wire.   Couldn’t be too hard, right?

I actually spent around two hours making this simple little ring.  I think that my problem is my tools: I have my husbands rather large pliers, and very cheap needle nose pliers.  [As a side note, I just realized that pliers is plural.  So how does one refer to one needle nose pliers?  A pair?  But it is only one. Hmmm….]

I don’t have a mandrel, so I took my wedding band and walked around the house trying it on different things until I found something the right size.  Apparently, the Paper Mate W10 permanent marker is a size 9, right at the letter T in permanent.   In retrospect, I should have made the ring a little higher up, so it would have been slightly smaller than my ring.  My new ring flies off of my hand just as easily as my old one did since it is the same size.  Duh.

I used copper wire that came painted “dark blue.”  I also had four real amethyst beads in my craft stash.   I wrapped my wire around the marker 3 times, and cut it with a little extra to spare.  I threaded the beads on, and thought, wow, that was easy.   Then I tried to wrap the wire ends around the bottom of the ring to hold it together.  Not so easy, at least not without decent tools.  30 minutes later, the bottom looked decent, although the paint had rubbed off of the wire where my pliers contacted it.  Not a big deal, no one really sees the inside of a ring anyways.

I spent the next hour trying to put a small wrap on either side of the beads, to give the ring a finished look.  Yeah, after I unwrapped/ cut off three pieces of wire, I decided that it really didn’t need that extra little piece.  So, here is my lovely new ring, made using materials I already had that probably cost me $0.25 total.  I would much rather loose this than my wedding rings.  I do have a small crystal bead, that I would like to try to make a more standard looking ring before I go out tomorrow.  We’ll see.


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