Crystal Light Pen Cup

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pen cup

Crystal Light Pen Cup

Quick and easy use for some of those empty Crystal Light containers :0)

Supplies:  empty Crystal Light (or similar) canister, decorative paper, paper trimmer, kitchen shears, permanent marker, ruler, tape, glue

First, Measure your pens, and decide how much you want sticking over the top.  I had a neat pack of mini pens, so my container is short.

Next, use your ruler to measure around the cup and draw a cutting line at the proper height.  I wanted to keep that clean top edge so I measured down from the top.  I used a knife to start cutting along the line, but I found that my kitchen shears did a better job so I switched to using them.

Next you’ll want to measure about 1″ from the bottom of the container and cut it off.  To easily hook the containers together, you will need to slit the side of the bottom about every inch or so, forming tabs.  The picture below shows how the cut should look, although it is a picture of the wrong part of the canister (my first attempt didn’t turn out looking as nice.)

To put it together insert every other tab inside of the canister, so that the bottom is where the bottom should be.   To hold it together I just used a few pieces of scotch tape on the inside and outside.  Measure and cut a pretty piece of paper, and glue it onto the outside.

Tada!  10 minute pen cup that can easily have the paper changed once you get tired of looking at it.

cut canister

Cut canister


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