Wedding Shadow Box

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Wedding shadow box

Wedding Shadow Box

I had a very homemade wedding, not because I necessarily wanted it to be homemade, but because I just couldn’t bring myself to pay an arm and a leg for something that I could make for a mere fraction of the cost.  I wasn’t even paying for much myself, but I still couldn’t buy such overpriced stuff :0)

My Mom sewed my dress for me, and she purchased about 2 yards of excess fabric “just in case.”  We ended up making the guest book using some of the fabric, but the rest has been sitting in a box for 5 years.  My cake topper, also handmade, has been collecting dust on a shelf in my bedroom, beside my dried bouquet. I finally decided to save these fragile items and display them in a nicer manner.

The box was purchased for a whopping $2 from the Salvation Army thrift store, but I have seen similar boxes at Hobby Lobby for around $15.   It was just the right size for my flowers to sit in, so I cut down the base to the cake topper (which was made of two pringles lids taped together) to fit into the box.  I covered a piece of acid free cardboard in the remnants from the  bridesmaid dresses, and then covered a slightly smaller square of cardboard in wedding dress remnants.  I covered the back of the box in a thin layer of batting, and then in the dress fabric.  I used hot glue on the back side to hold the fabric in place – I didn’t want any glue spots showing up where they would be seen.

I used a blue pigment ink to stamp the date on the fabric covered square – the ink actually matches the paper from our invitations.  I placed an actual rice bag inside of the frame (can you believe that I’ve held onto that for 5 years?) but I think that I may replace the rice with white beads in the near future.  I glued the square onto the background fabric, but everything else is sitting loose.   I had trouble getting the fabric to form perfectly square corners on the cardboard, but I don’t mind the homemade look since the fabric would have just been sitting in a box in the closet anyways.


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