Mini Terrarium

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Terrarium Bottle

Terrarium Bottle

This cute little bottle has been sitting on my kitchen windowsill since November.  I really like how it looks, so it has been sitting up there, waiting to be used in an art project.  While looking for  VBS craft ideas, I ran across a moss terrarium project.   I knew I had a good use for my bottle!

I left my hand in the photo for scale, so you can see just how small the 6 oz glass bottle is.  Including gathering my supplies, this project took about 40 minutes to complete.

Envelope Funnel

Envelope Funnel

First, I rinsed the bottle off, since it was a little dusty.  I then used some scrap paper (an old envelope) to make an extension for my funnel – I wanted to be able to add the rocks, charcoal, and dirt without getting the sides of my pretty bottle dirty.  I used substrate and gravel that came our of our old fish tank, and barely covered the bottom with it.  Next I sprinkle in some activated charcoal (also pirated from the fish tank supplies.)  My potting soil was a little bit damp, so I had to force it through the funnel with a chop stick.

Chopstick Action

Chopstick Action

I used the flat back end of the chopstick to pat the soil level.  Then, I broke off small pieces of moss, and fed them through the paper tube one at a time.  I found the moss growing around my a/c unit outside, and scooped up several pretty pieces with a spoon.  I pushed them into place with the chopstick.

View from above

View from above

I left a little space between the moss chunks for future growth.  Since my soil was already damp, I didn’t add any water.  I didn’t paint the cap because I liked the simple design of red Japanese characters.  I did find tiny white worms on the sides of the bottle the next morning, but since I’m sure they can’t get out I’ll just leave them.


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